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Poseidon Launcher 37mm

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The next evolution in 37mm launcher is here and it is Epic.  The Poseidon System is the latest in launcher design.  It is the lightest (1.5 pounds) and most versatile 37mm system to date.  This 37mm launcher incorporates the new Module System with a barrel that can screw off be replaced with any number of modules from a high pressure system to a large bore launcher and may more to come soon.  There are also different barrel extensions that will allow one to adjust the overall length of the 37mm launcher to match the aesthetics of your rifle.  It is a side loading high pressure capable launcher that can be mounted to any rail or one of our stock adapters to be stand alone.  

This 37mm launcher was made with both left and right handed shooters in mind and can be swapped by the end user easily between Left hand swing or Right hand swing.  How to video coming soon. 


The Poseidon launcher is manufactured and constructed in Oregon by Columbia River Precision LLC. This 37mm launcher is currently legal in all 50 states and Canada, must be 18 years or older to purchase. 37mm Launchers are legally defined under ruling 95-3 as a signaling device not a firearm.